Government Honors and Internship Handbook Has Been Updated for 2012-2013

The Government Honors and Internship Handbook is a helpful resource to identify federal and state government opportunities for summer and permanent employment. While it does not include all opportunities available, it is a good starting place for your search. It provides information about the office hiring, the type of work candidates will participate in, salary information, how many applications the position typically receives, employer requirements and preferences, and the application instructions. You can search the handbook by various fields, including application deadline. Many deadlines are rolling, which means you should apply early.

The Handbook has now been updated for the 2012-2013 year and will include the most recent information about the available positions.

The new username and password can be found on the web resource password page.

It is a good idea to scan every entry, even if you don’t think you are initially interested. You might be surprised by the variety of options and practice opportunities being offered by a specific program.

This year’s Handbook contains information about 143 programs offered by 48 federal employers, and 58 programs offered by 49 state and local employers, for a total of 202 Honors and Internship opportunities.

If you are experienced in using the Handbook, you will find some new features this year: (1) new column in Table 4, 3L Programs, nothing which positions are post-graduate instead of school year externships, (2) new entry for the Pathways Program, which, effective July 2012, agencies will be transitioning to for excepted internship and post-graduate hiring.

If you have any questions about how to navigate or us this resource, please let us know and we will be happy to help!

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